Barkha feels humiliated as Anupamaa stops the party and commences puja with Anuj, wherein Barkha discusses with Ankush to snatch the entire Kapadia empire from Anupamaa 

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Anupamaa is presently ruling our television screens. The show is doing extremely well and is topping the BARC ratings every week. 

These days, the track of the show is quite interesting as the narrative is focusing on Anupamaa and Anuj’s life post marriage. Things are going well for them, whereas Vanraj is shattered as he has nothing in hand. 

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As seen so far, Barkha gives a look to Anupamaa as she stops the party and starts the pooja. Barkha feels defeated and seems to have a problem with Anupamaa. 

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Thinking of her plan Barkha says that she can't let Anupamaa be the owner of anything. Barkha does not want to lose any chance to take over Anuj's empire.

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It will be highly interesting to see if Vanraj will team up with Barkha to get the piece of Anuj's empire or will save Anuj and Anupamaa from Barkha's intentions.  

Will Anuj and Anupamaa learn about Barkha's true intentions?

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