The upcoming episode of Anupamaa is going to show how Anuj will feel responsible and guilty to the sufferings he caused to Anupama. 

Recently We have seen that Adhik Feels Stressed to which Bharkha Tells Ankush that this All has Happened because of Pakhi and Vanraj.

However Bharkha Gets Scared Thinking what if Pakhi and Vanraj Gets Adhik Arrested as Pakhi is Not Unpredictable and she does Pathetic Things. 

The Story Takes an Interesting Turn when Adhik Assures Pakhi that he will Look into this Issue to which Bharkha Shared her Worries with Anupama as Well.

Adhik Asks for The Break from Pakhi to which Pakhi Runs to Vanraj and Cries in front of him while Vanraj Blames Anuj and Anupama for it. 

In The Upcoming Episodes We Will Get to See that Anupama Has A Mental Breakdown after she is Stopped from Poking her Nose and Lecturing People to which Anuj Feels Guilty For Suppressing. 

What Will Happen Next? The Drama is going to intensify and We don't want you to Miss it.