If sources are to believed, then after Prachi,  Rhea is going to be pregnant with Ranbir's kid.  

Kumkum Bhagya has frequently managed to gain the top position from the time of its inception, all thanks to the outstanding cast and gripping storyline. 

Fans are in awe of the chemistry between the lead couple Prachi and Ranbir played by Mugdha Chapekar and Krishna Kaul respectively.

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Tina Ann Philip aka Rhea plays a grey character.  As earlier reported, the party is still going on at the Kohli house. 

Dida says something about Ranbir to Pallavi, after which she gets worried.  Meanwhile, Ranbir is successful in making Rhea drink something toxic. 

He then takes her to his room and asks Rhea to sign the papers. Well, these are the divorce papers.

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While Ranbir is managing to make Rhea sign the papers, Prachi and Shahana are spying on them. Prachi gets jealous and misunderstands that Ranbir and Rhea are enjoying their private time.  

Rhea says to Ranbir that she will only sign the papers if he kisses her. After she signs the papers, Ranbir is extremely happy.

But because of this misunderstanding, Prachi leaves the Kohli house with Shahana, which is witnessed by Stanley.

Meanwhile, Prachi has still kept her pregnancy a secret. Only Ranbir knows it, as when he was admitted at the hospital, he learnt about Prachi's pregnancy when she was at her check up with the doctor.

On the other hand, if sources are to believed, then after Prachi, Rhea is going to be pregnant with Ranbir's kid. 

Thus Prachi will break down, and Rhea will get an another chance to get closer to Ranbir despite signing the divorce papers.So are excited to see this interesting track?