The upcoming episode of the Star Plus serial GHKKPM has a lot of drama in store for the viewers.The serial has been entertaining the audience for quite some time now.  

The show has been high on drama for quite some time now and it is only going to intensify ahead. 

We already saw that Sai doesn’t want Pakhi to be the surrogate for her child. Pakhi is very angered by this as this was her last option to get closer to Virat. 

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She starts feeling desolate and that her life doesn’t have a purpose anymore and will want to end it once and for all.  

In the upcoming track, we’ll see Pakhi trying to commit suicide by cutting her wrist. 

However, Virat will notice this before it's too late and will rush her to a hospital where Sai, with a team of doctors, would save her life.

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Paakhi overhears Virat and Ninad's conversation and comes to know that things are not well between Sai and Virat.