Sai will plan a surprise for everyone and get a huge cut out of Samrat who will be present among the family members so they don't miss him. 

Star Plus' Ghkkpm will see how the entire Chavan family come together to celebrate Samrat's birthday and remember him on this special day. 

After Paakhi convinces Bhavani for this celebration, Sai also makes sure that no one misses Samrat on his birthday. 

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Virat gets extremely emotional seeing this cut-out and thanks Sai for the same. 

A dream sequence of Samrat and Virat is planned where the brothers share some amazing moments. 

Samrat tells Virat to take care of Sai and also gives him some eye-opening message which makes him realize where he was going wrong and doing injustice to Sai.

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Furthermore, as Virat and Sai are standing near Samrat's cut-out, Paakhi will suddenly come there and hold Virat's hand. This will shock home and also Sai. 

But she will also hold Sai's hand and ask them to join the celebrations as Mansi cuts Samrat's birthday cake.

Virat and Sai are shocked to see Paakhi but then she manages to convince them by her act that she only wants to see them happy together.

Everyone has a good time together as they celebrate Samrat's birthday and remember him. .

Furthermore, Virat thanks Sai for Samrat's cut-out as he felt that Samrat is there with them. 

Sai will feel happy seeing Virat liked her surprise.