The upcoming episode of the Star Plus serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin has a lot of drama in store for the viewers. 

The serial has been entertaining the audience for quite some time now.  The drama is about to intensify in the show. 

We already know that Bhavani is pretty adamant about letting Pakhi be the surrogate for Sai and Virat’s child even though they both are against it. 

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Thus, when she learns about Geeta, she is upset that the couple took this decision on their own without consulting her. 

This will lead to a major discussion between Virat and Bhavani when Virat goes to her to convince her about letting Geeta be the surrogate. Bhavani will be firm on her decision and will not accept Geeta

While Pakhi is thinking about threatening Geeta so she is out of their lives. 

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Will Sai be able to handle all this? 

Will Sai be able to handle all this?