The audience is in love with the chemistry between Aryan and Imlie. Aditya is still disturbed by their relationship. 

Currently, Imlie tells Aryan that everything that has happened to her is because of Jyoti, they reach home and Aryan is yelling Jyoti's name.

But Narmada reveals that Jyoti has been home praying for them. Imlie tries to make Aryan believe the truth and even when they go to the room they see that Jyoti is doing puja. Aryan apologises to her and leaves.  

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Imlie warns Jyoti that she will not spare her anymore. later, Aryan and Imlie end up in a war of words.  

Well, the fans have their own theories for how will Imlie or Kairi would bring the truth about Jyoti in front of everyone as now Imlie has given an open challenge to Jyoti while Kairi has been asked to kill Imlie. 

In the upcoming episode, Kairi warns Neela to not come in her way, later while Kairi is busy cooking Jyoti comes to the kitchen and asks her to do a favour.

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She agrees to help but then Jyoti unveils her devious plan as she wants Kairi to kill Imlie, butcher her into pieces. What will Imlie do now?