When members of the ARMY said “Once you JimIN you cannot JimOUT” no one thought it would also apply to luxury fashion brands. 

It has been barely two months after European multinational luxury fashion house, Dior announced Jimin as their global ambassador. 

Now the luxury fashion brand Tiffany & Co. has announced the vocalist of the famous K-Pop band BTS, Park Jimin as their newest house ambassador. 

Known for his impeccable style and unique fashion sense, Jimin is going to harness his star power for the forthcoming campaigns. 

In a tweet shared by the luxury jewelry house, shared a snap of the BTS dressed in all black as he flaunts iconic Tiffany bracelets known as Tiffany Lock.

In their tweet, the jewelry house wrote, “Introducing our newest House ambassador, Jimin of BTS. 

The 21st-century pop icon wears Tiffany Lock.” On their official website, Tiffany & Co. has shared that the Tiffany Lock is a “collection is a symbol of connection and togetherness.”