Aryan takes Imlie to the room and reveals that Madhav had given her sleeping pills and that is how she doesn't remember anything

Imlie has done well on the TRP charts since it has hit the screens. 

The audience is in love with the chemistry between Aryan and Imlie. Aditya is still disturbed by their relationship. We had exclusively updated about the exit of Aditya aka Manasvi Vashisht from the show. 

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Patralekha was kicked out of the house by Bhavani for cursing Sai which is why she lost her baby. 

Paakhi's mother took her back home and vowed to never let her daughter step inside the Chavan house. 

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But who knew that Paakhi would once again find an evil way to get back to the Chavan house and Virat's life!

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Paakhi overhears Virat and Ninad's conversation and comes to know that things are not well between Sai and Virat. 

She misinterprets everything and thinks that she is still destined to be in Virat's life.

Paakhi will then make up a plan to get inside the Chavan house and get back in Virat's life.

Well, it’s been just a few days since Samrat has died and Paakhi is already moving on and dreaming about getting back to Virat.

The ardent viewers who have been following the show are dead furious.

Supriya Saha says, ''This clearly shows that Paakhi was never in love with Samrat. She was only lying to herself and Samrat all this while and playing with his feelings. Why did she cry so much on Samrat's death?''

Priyanka Chitale says, ''Paakhi is one crazy woman who is still not able to get over Virat even after being married to someone else. 

Ritu Chauhan says, ''I feel Paakhi never loved Samrat. She only wanted the same things which Virat and Sai had in their lives and Samrat was the only option. 

Ajita Dey says, ''She is only thinking about herself and even after claiming that she loves Virat, she never tried to understand his pain. Paakhi can never be loyal to anyone. In fact, she can betray anyone for her own benefit.''

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