Barkha shocks everyone by approving the marriage and she is keen to have Pakhi as her brother Adhik's wife 

Barkha knows if Pakhi adds to their family then their business prospects would turn beneficial. Anupamaa knows the truth behind Barkha's support, she becomes extremely protective of Pakhi.   

Currently, in the show, Anuj and Anupamaa bring Choti Anu home. The family members are not ready to understand their reason for really adopting a child at this age.  

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On the other hand, Pakhi drops a bomb by revealing that she wants to marry Adhik. 

Both the families and Anupamaa are taken aback listening to Pakhi's demand. Is Adhik ready to marry?  

Anuj and Vanraj end up in a major face-off because of Pakhi's adamant wish to marry Adhik. In this fight, Anupamaa gets another shock when she sees Samar supporting his father and not Anuj.

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Well, netizens are upset with the makers and reveal that no good acting can save the show anymore as they are ruining the plot completely. 

In the upcoming episode of the show, Barkha and Anupamaa will end up in a major confrontation, and despite Anuj trying to bring a solution he will fail.

In Barkha's pressure and their own plan, Adhik will agree to marry Pakhi.

Looking at this, Vanraj will get reminded of his past mistakes and would call it Karma biting back at him that he is seeing his own daughter get married to a casanova like Adhik.

He knows that Adhik is using his daughter but Pakhi refuses to understand.  

Anupamaa will try to speak to Pakhi but her brutal words will pierce through Anupamaa's heart like swords. 

Amid all this, Anupamaa will find comfort in Choti Anu and she decides to let Pakhi fall on her feet.