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Star Plus’s popular serial Anupamaa, is one of the most loved shows on the small screens. It has been running successfully for two years now. 

Its upcoming storyline will showcase interesting twists and turns, as Kinjal returns to the Shah family  

Previously, Kinjal refuses to stay in Shah House and then moves to Kapadia Mansion to live with Anupama. 

Later, after being convinced by Baa and Vanraj, Kinjal returns back to Shah House. 

Further, Paritosh tries to patch things up with Kinjal but she is not ready to forgive him that easy. 

Thus, Kinjal takes a big step to divorce Paritosh and drag him to court. 

Kinjal wants Paritosh to suffer and pay the price for cheating on her. 

Kinjal does not want any other women to suffer like she and Anupama did, and hence, takes this big decision.

What will happen next?