Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment are once again coming with another show, ‘Muskurana Ki Wajah Tum Ho’. 

The show now airs on Colors TV and stars Tanvi Malhara and Kunal Jaisingh as the leads of the show.  

In the upcoming episode, Katha’s life is going to get more complicated. On one hand, a beautiful and heart-touching moment comes in her life as Kabir proposes to her. Kabir confesses his love saying that she is the reason for his happiness. 

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On the other hand, Katha will soon have to face the reason for her sadness. Katha has no idea that Rahul is actually Kabir’s brother 

and this dark past of her life will soon make its way into her present again. With Kabir’s love acceptance, Katha feels like her life is going to be filled with happiness again. 

Meanwhile, Kabir meets his brother, Rahul and gives him the good news that soon he (Rahul) is going to have a sister-in-law.  

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While Rahul, Kabir and Katha celebrate this new found happiness, it’ll be interesting to see how Katha will fight her past once again. 

Will Kabir side with Katha and punish Rahul for his evil deeds?

Will Katha be able to stand up against Rahul with all dignity and respect to fight back?