As the world grooves to the catchy RRR song Naatu Naatu, BTS' Jungkook too joins the Naatu Naatu bandwagon. 

Jungkook, who recently deactivated his Instagram account, went live on Weverse on Friday.

With his latest live featuring him grooving to Naatu Naatu, the singer left BTS ARMY thrilled, with many taking to Twitter and Instagram to share their excitement.

While some social media users could not believe Jungkook was 'vibing to this song', others said he said RRR 'in the cutest way' during the live.

Reacting to the livestream, Indian fans of Jungkook said they could not believe that during his livestream

He would play RRR song Naatu Naatu, which has also been nominated for the upcoming Oscars.

One fan was proud to see Jungkook grooving to Naatu Naatu during his live, and said 'we won at life', while sharing the clip. 

The person tweeted, "Jungkook listening to Naatu Naatu, an Indian song, and saying RRR in the cutest way. Ok, we won at life."

One more tweeted, "Can't believe he's vibing to this song, oh my God." 

One more said, "Jungkook dancing to Naatu Naatu... might loop this everyday idk."