Jungkook featured on Weverse Live yesterday, where he sang songs for ARMY. Later, fans were baffled to learn that he had deleted his Instagram account.

BTS’ youngest member Jungkook treated ARMY to a short Weverse Live, where he discussed his dog Bam’s health, and also sang a few songs for fans. 

During the course of the live, Jimin and J-Hope made their appearance in the comments section, spamming Jungkook with their inside jokes.

Jungkook was interrupted several times by the doorbell, which at first was perceived by fans as a threat from a stalker as there has been discussion about a person filming Jungkook at his boxing lessons.

However, the second time turned out to be someone he knew and the vocalist hastily bid fans a goodbye. 

Nevertheless, it came as a sudden surprise for fans when the vocalist deleted Instagram, leading to an eruption of various theories.

Many saw it as the singer taking a precautionary measure against the saesang (stalker in Korean), who apparently has been sharing his photos and videos without consent.

He reassured anxious fans saying, “I left Instagram, it has not been been hacked. I deleted it because I don’t use it much. Don’t worry.” 

His next post on Weverse read, “It’s okay, I would rather do Weverse Lives!” He added, “I deleted the app immediately. Don’t think I’ll use it in future, letting you know in advance!”

Jungkook, who made his Instagram debut with the rest of his members in December 2021, has had quite the journey on the platform. 

From his handle username that had the entire alphabet and videos of himself practising boxing, the vocalist made good use of Instagram. 

He soon deleted his photos and shared photos in the grid format, before completely ignoring the platform and resorting to only Weverse. 

He took a break for a while after Jin’s departure for military service and returned in early February with a three-hour long Weverse Live.  

The singer said that he hasn’t been working on his album as speculated, in fact, he is just ‘taking a break’. 

On the other hand, Jimin is expected to release his new album in March, while J-Hope would share his parting gift “On the Street” before he departs for military service.

RM recently attended his first ever fashion show in Milan, and Suga would be doing a world tour from April.