Pakhi plays announces she would marry Virat and become his surrogate mother 

however, Bhavani who knows her evil mind rubbishes her idea and stops her from ruining Sai and Virat’s marriage relationship  

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is currently ruling our television screens. The show features the characters of Virat , Sai and Pakhi.  

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As seen so far, Pakhi is about to propose the idea of being a surrogate for his child. 

The show is about to see Bhavani getting hold of Pakhi’s big plan. Virat and Sai come back home after their session with doctor Anjali. 

And here Pakhi announces that she will marry Virat and become a surrogate mother to his and Sai’s child.  

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Though this comes as a huge shock to everyone, here Bhavani recognizes Pakhi’s evil intention in just a blink of an eye. 

Therefore, a big twist happens next when Bhavani decides to not let this happen.  

In the upcoming track, Bhavani will stop Pakhi before she ruins Virat and Sai’s marriage relationship.

While Virat and Sai are still clueless of Pakhi’s next big plan, it seems Bhavani’s experience in evilness will now help Virat and Sai save their relationship from Pakhi who is planning evil against them.