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The audience is in love with the chemistry between Aryan and Imlie. Aditya is still disturbed by their relationship. 

Currently, Aryan rushes to the room and while he is running he hears Imlie's scream.

When he opens the door he is left in shock, he falls on the floor, while Harry tried attacking, he left his balance and fell down from the window.  

Aryan calls the doctor and he reveals that Harry has got a paralytic attack

Aryan realises that he must have fallen from his room's window, he takes Imlie on the side and asks her for the truth.   

Imlie reveals that Harry had come to kill her and it is Jyoti who is behind this plan. She decides to take him meet Madhav, while Aryan asks Madhav for the truth he lies to Aryan that it wasn't Jyoti.

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Imlie later asks Madhav why did he do that, he reveals that Jyoti had come to threaten him and he has said the lie on a gunpoint, else Jyoti will kill his mother.   

In the upcoming episode, Jyoti gets furious at Kairi and Harry, now Kairi gives her hope that she will soon kill Imlie, all she wants is her bangle. 

Jyoti gives her bangle to Kairi but doesn't know that Kairi will use it as a proof against her. 

On the other hand, Kairi tries to cheer up Aryan but now he has gotten suspicious about her.  

The next thing we see is that Aryan holds Kairi in his arms and flirts with her, Neela sees this moment and thinks that Aryan is having an affair with Kairi, what will happen now?