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Anupamaa is presently ruling our television screens. The show is doing exceptionally well and is topping the weekly BARC ratings. 

These days, the show's track is quite interesting as the narrative focuses on Anupama and Anuj's post-marriage life.  

The entire story has had a big twist with Adhik and Pakhi's marriage and how the family is coping with the big change.

Previously, Pakhi gets embarrassed by her own relatives as she feels that they have not dressed well like the other guests. 

She does not acknowledge her own Nani and Mama, since they look poor and not sophisticated. 

Baa calls Kanta on stage and asks her to say a few words for Pakhi since she is getting married and leaving.

Kanta gets emotional and starts giving Pakhi advice about her future. 

On hearing this, Pakhi starts feeling embarrassed as she doesn’t want people to see this side of her family.

Later, Kanta gives Pakhi a simple gold chain as a marriage gift. 

Pakhi finds the gold chain very cheap and too simple for her taste and does not want to wear this along with her diamonds. 

Pakhi makes an atrocious move and throws the chain away, which leaves Anupama burning with anger. 

What will Anupama do to Pakhi?