The show is all set to see a huge drama in the upcoming storyline with Vanraj catching Adhik and Pakhi in a café.

Adhik is using Pakhi to create a huge crack in Anupamaa’s relationship with the Shah family. 

And here his dirty tactics seem to be working as Vanraj sees him with Pakhi in a café and thus burns in anger at how the Kapadias are snatching his daughter.  

Vanraj fails to control his anger and thus he once again bursts it out at Anupamaa. 

Meanwhile, what spices up the drama is when Vanraj drags Pakhi out of the Kapadia Sadan, here Anuj enters the frame grabbing his hand. 

In the upcoming track, Anuj and Anupamaa will adopt Pakhi after the latter refuses to stay with him.

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What do you think will happen if Anuj adopts Pakhi as his own daughter and that too with Anupamaa’s support?