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After slapping Chris Rock: does he have to give back his Oscar? 

The film industry is in a frenzy after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face. Now could the actor be deprived of his recently awarded Oscar for "Best Actor"?

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Finally, there is also the possibility that Smith's outburst of violence was a coordinated action with Chris Rock.

Will Smith apologized during his acceptance speech for the Oscar for Best Actor, and the Oscars organization tweeted afterwards , "The Academy does not condone violence.

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Not only the prominent guests in the hall, but also the spectators are shocked by the scandal in front of the cameras. Numerous Twitter users find the actor's behavior so wrong  

"It's basically an attack. Everyone in the room was so shocked, it was so awkward. I don't think Will would want to give his Oscar back, but who knows what will happen now." 

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