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11 Coldest countries in the world

Countries that are situated near the two poles face severe winters and Harsher climates than the countries near the equator

Most of these places are inhabitable by human due to their extreme climate.

The coldest countries are measured by either by the coldest temperature recorded in said country or by taking an average yearly temperature

Power yourself a hot Cuppa Joe and let's take a tour to some of the coldest countries around the planet

Antarctica holds the cup fir being the coldest country on this planet. One will find nothing but layers of never melting polar ice which is inhabitable by humans. The lowest recorded temperature went down to -90 degrees Celsius.

The hole of Russia may not be so cold throughout the year but the town of Oymyakon in Russia had recorded the coldest temperature in the Northern hemisphere in 1933. The coldest temperature recorded was -67 degree Celsius.

We cannot talk about Canada when talking about the coldest countries in the world. The coldest temperature recorded in Canada was in the city of Snag, Yukon where temperature went down to -62 degree celsius in the February of 1947

Coldest recorded temperature in the Arctic Circle in 1991 was in Klinck Station, Greenland where the temperature was reached -69 degree Celsius.

USA is a country with the diverse climatic conditions. Freezing and snowing, the temperature in the prospective Creek Alaska - 60 degree Celsius.

Expect actually climate when visiting Mongolia. The average yearly temperature goes below zero. The Tsetsen- Uul province recorded the coldest climate in the country that dropped to - 54 degree celsius in 2021.

One of the coldest countries in the world Kazakhstan shares a border with Russia and China. Some reasons in the country are covered with snow throughout the year. The coldest recorded temperature was in the city of Atbasar which dropped to 57 degree Celsius.

As suggested by the name, this is another European country that can get quietly in the winters. The lowest recorded temperature has been around my 40 degree Celsius. So if you are planning a trip to Reykjavik you might wanna pack your snow boots


Finland is a Scandinavian country where winters last about 4 months. Temperature drop around minus 20 degree Celsius during this time and one can expect heavy snowfall and even blizzards.

The country of Estonia is located in the Northern part of Europe. Temperatures get really cold and can go down to -18 degree Celsius which make day to day life a little difficult for the locals.

Along with seeing the Northern light you will also get to see a lot of snowfall in some reasons of Norway. The coldest recorded temperature was in Karasjok region with the temperature dropping to  -51 degree Celsius.